Day 27: Princess Louisa Inlet to Pender Harbour

Leaving this place is always bittersweet. While our water and food supply would have allowed several more days at this stunning anchorage our two night stay was ideal. Coming in with rain and seeing seasonal waterfalls bloom later in the day to low moody clouds and fog of black and white photos to a nearly cloudless sunny day. We saw it all and are thankful. Slack tide was around 8am so no rush to clean up and secure everything – mostly done the night before. A number of boats left between 7 and 7:30 to get to Malibu Rapids at the slack flood to ebb tide but we waited for another 45 minutes to insure we would catch some ebb tide and help from Mother Nature going outbound. The slow cruise from Chatterbox Falls to the rapids revealed high snow fielded mountain scenery hidden by clouds when we arrived. Beautiful departure.

Now for the long cruise through several reaches, past Egmont and out to the Georgia Strait. While the large mountain scenery continues the journey seems long probably due to a let down from the excitement of the past few days. Time for something new for us – Pender Harbour. Not on our original float plan but a place to check out as Kenmore Air provides daily float plane service from Seattle. Might be a pick-up and drop off port for our kids to join us someday.

We decided to try Henry’s Resort and Marina as it seemed central, quiet, and offered walking distance to a pub for dinner. Fueled up and secured dock space for the evening. It was hot and very humid though breezy. Decided to take long dingy ride to the municipal docks to shop at a grocery store and try to find a macerator to replace the non functional unit on the boat – a critical part if we want to use the toilet up here as pump out stations are few and far between.

There are many coves, docks, and marinas in Pender HarborĀ and while a chart is helpful the terrain makes it somewhat challenging to be confident you have found the right place. We managed to find the dinghy dock on the first attempt and took a short walk to the IGA and liquor store. Nice selection, especially produce, so re-provisioned our now meager stores. Also found the critical pump but paid dearly for the must have part.

Happy hour inevitably draws the curious to our boat with questions and conversation; we are a uniquely designed boat which can be good and bad…This evening was no different and we met a very nice and interesting couple who were chartering a Cutwater, a sister boat to our RangerTug by Fluid Motion, Ltd. After exchanging some experiences with our boats and contact information we ended up having dinner together at the local pub on the water (cannot recommend it though).

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