Day 28: Pender Harbour to Secret Cove

Woke up to a cool morning with signs of rain coming our way. Decided to try breakfast at the John Henry’s Marina Cafe as Donna wanted to purchase a couple of bottles of local wine sellable only after every 9am. The food was wonderfully prepared and fresh – highly recommend it. Bill went back the boat to prep for the dreaded sewer pump replacement. After prepping the area around the pump for the worst and having all tools in hand Bill decided to operate now rather than after pumping out at the municipal dock. Miraculously the replacement went as planned with the surgical nurses help and minimal cussing! Cleaned up and as good as new. Saving the old pump in hopes of an easy unclogging and repair for a back up. Time to cast off to pump and rinse the holding tank as well as test the new macerator pump. Hopefully this will be the only repair we need during this trip. What a relief. Onward.

With a late start luckily it’s a very short cruise to Secret Cove just south along the Sunshine Coast of mainland British Columbia. Small islands dot the coast line here offering some protection from the Georgia Strait. Sun came out and cleared the clouds in time for our entrance to the narrow cove. We decided to anchor rather than stay at the Secret Cove Marina – a favorite of ours. Found anchorage at the north end. Moved a little further south after a boat left to allow more swinging room between boats.

The restaurant here is fabulous and quite upscale but we enjoy the ambiance and of course the food very much. Unfortunately we failed to realize it was Saturday night when we dropped in at 6pm. Also noticed the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club is in port. No reservations and earliest time was 8:30 – past our bedtime. We made a reservation but cancelled after getting pizza to bake from the Marina market and headed back to our anchorage. Ended up glad we ate in as the evening and sunset were beautiful on our chain.

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