Day 29: Secret Cove to Silva Bay (Page’s Resort and Marina)

Silva Bay from restaurant.
Silva Bay from restaurant.

Awoke early to a very peaceful and windless cove and got underway at a little after 6am, with our usual “beat the Georgia” routine. Need to take advantage of calm weather when crossing the Georgia Strait. Today’s weather and seas were exceptionally calm and flat all the way to Silva Bay, about a nearly four hour cruise at a reasonable speed of 8 knots. This was our last potentially worrisome crossing for our trip and we are so relieved to have escaped Georgia’s temper tantrums yet again!

Silva Bay is another favorite of ours a beautiful respite from the stress and weather of the strait. We decided to try a different Marina this time and take advantage of a reciprocal yacht club slip if available. Lucky us, it was so the moorage is free. Paige’s Resort and Marina is a quiet alternative to the busy Silva Bay docks and right next door. The grounds are beautiful with an apple orchard, cabins, and grassy tent/RV area.

It had been awhile so we did our laundry spending a lazy midday back an forth between the laundry room and the boat, reading, catching up on e:Mail, and a call to Dad. We dangerously postponed lunch until after 2 so went on a walk through the woods to Silva Bay Pub and Cafe. Our walks this trip have turned into multi mile exercises and this started out feeling the same. But we found our way and in no time were sitting under an umbrella table overlooking the sunny bay enjoying a wine, Margarita and good food. The walk back went fast and took a breather in the hot afternoon on the boat watching sea planes land, taxi, and take off next to our moorage – exciting.

Happy hour occurs every evening around 5pm and usually includes a Manhatten/wine and a game or two – especially if Donna is winning. Rummikub (our current favorite), Sequence, Backgammon, Cribbage, Scrabble, Yachatzy, Spite and Malice or even Uno are our games of preference. As we mentioned in an earlier post we also tend to meet people who are curious about our boat. Two women visited us this evening who are cruising on a RangerTug 25. They were wonderful to talk to and we look forward to meeting them again at the RangerTug rendezvous in Roche Harbor this September. Carol and Gail (she is 81 years old!) are adventurers and have done a lot in a short time of cruising. We shared some short stories and experiences as well as some great reading material both technical and novel. It was a pleasurable exchange. They left early the next morning before we could follow up with contact information.

Took Chaiya on his almost nightly dinghy cruise around the harbor to the surprise of onlookers. He looks and acts like a dog on the bow of the boat and is very interested in the boats and sights along the way. Pretty funny to see I’m sure.

Nearing the end of the Planet Earth series for our bedtime tradition this trip. An amazing celebration of nature.

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