Day 30: Silva Bay to Otter Cove

Slept in a bit today to 8:00 which felt great. The Marina office and bookstore opens at 9 as well as the fuel dock so an easy morning. Wanted to buy a book recommended by Carol and Gail entitled The Curve of Time. An authentic British Columbia marine wilderness chronicle.

The cruise to Otter Bay was smooth and with the tide and we had no problem securing a slip here, our third time visiting another favorite. We love this place because of the natural landscaped setting and the wonderful adult pool! Brought our books and iced tea and just melted out with the 80 degree temps and such a warm pool . Finally took a dip and Donna pretty much wouldn’t get out. Felt so good to just take some down time and do anything.

The weather is finally holding well however it was strange to hear thunder as we come into this bay. We remember Alyssa’s warnings as a lifeguard to get out of the water if lightening is anywhere nearby. But luckily the clouds passed us by and we spent another very warm day here today. Tomorrow we enter back into the US at Roche Harbor, so have to eat some key items, namely citrus, tomatoes and potatoes not allowed through customs. We also hope to get some prawns there which are usually always available most of the year.

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