Day 32: Patos to Deer Harbor (Orcas Island)

We awoke after a deep sleep to rollers coming in to the cove from the northwest. Thought it was a passing ship but became regular and persistent. Weather from the Strait of Georgia was making its mark so we prepared to leave after making the bed and coffee. Last summer we experienced the result of a severe wind storm in the strait that created very large rollers through the cove here and, while on a park buoy, did not feel safe and left early. Today’s weren’t as bad but we we didn’t stay for a repeat performance. Lovely sunny morning with following seas for a while as we cruised SE between Waldron and Orcas Islands. Arrived at Deer Harbor at 9am. The outstation was full but were told a couple of boats would be leaving shortly so we anchored and then decided to use the pump out station which required a wait in line. By the time we finished another boat had left the dock leaving us a space to moor.

Deer Harbor is lovely and less busy than other harbors in the San Juans. However much busier than we have been used to over the past five weeks. Back to civilization. As was the case in Silva Bay and Pender Harbour we enjoyed the landing and takeoff of sea planes (4 today) next to us. The day slipped away as we were almost completely lazy. No swimming, no sailing, no dinghy ride. Just read and enjoyed the warm weather and a hamburger from the dockside cafe. Packed a few things away that we wouldn’t need any longer like the kayak and solar shower – only one use this trip.

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