Day 33: Deer Harbor to Deception Pass (Cornet Bay)

Deception Pass bridge from marina park
Deception Pass bridge from marina park

After showers and our usual morning chores of making the bed, coffee, washing dishes, and vacuuming we set off for Deception Pass and the psychological end to our journey. This was where we started, the jumping off point of our journey. The three plus hour cruise through the heart of the San Juan Islands seemed to be the roughest of our cruise so far. The wakes of the large number of passing ferries and larger motorboats in a hurry created wakes upon wakes. We have come to detest the large forty to fifty + foot motor yachts that burn 20 to 30 gallons of fuel an hour only to push vast amounts of water aside for others to suffer in their wake. These boats are neither attractive (unless you think Cabbage Patch Dolls are attractive) or well designed to require so much power just to waste energy evident by the huge wakes they leave. Our favorite large yachts of this length were built in the 30’s and 40’s and barely leave a wake when cruising while burning very little fuel. They have beautiful silhouettes and designs compared to the “mega bloaters” of today’s most popular designs. Okay, so we’re snobs (technically anti snob snobs) and will stick with the slow, efficient, and attractive low profile tug-like or similar designs. Wish someone built the boat designs of the 30’s and 40’s in modern materials – we would definitely be interested.

Arrived at our outstation in Cornet Bay after an uphill yet uneventful climb through Deception (off slack tide) Pass. Beautiful breezy day at the park and the walk felt great before happy hour. We really like this outstation off the park. Understated, no restaurants or significant services, quiet – except for the Navy jets of the Whidbey Island Naval Airstation when practicing, abundant bird life, walking trails, and a low fuel price.

Another beautiful, if not chilly, sunset evening in the Pacific Northwest with the contrasting deep greens, blues, and lighting.

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