Day 34: Deception Pass to Winslow (Bainbridge Island)

Today is a long familiar cruise down the east side of Whidbey Island, south past Edmonds, Kingston, and eventually past Elliott Bay, Seattle, Bainbridge Island and finally into Winslow where ferry service creates an interesting cat and mouse scenario within the narrow channel. It’s a long day for cruising at around 7 hours at our speed. The engine noise and vibration though low on this boat take a toll on your body with a numbing effect.

The weather was clear so we were accompanied by Mt Baker, the Cascade Mountains and its numerous distinctive peaks, the Olympic Mountains to the west and of course amount Rainier. It’s always special when all are visible at once. We avoided all commercial marine traffics including ferries y monitoring the VTS channel (Vessel Traffic System – VHF 14) for ferry departures and ship or tug movement in and around our our cruising route. Relieves the stress from guessing.

Elliott Bay was typical lumpy from all the boat traffic is a relatively small bay. Into Eagle Harbor at at your outstation slip in time for happy hour in beautiful breezy weather. Busy harbor. We tried the English pub at the head of the harbor and really enjoyed the unusual menu, food, and deck view of the bay with Seattle lit up beyond. A very nice treat to wrap up our five weeks afloat. Tired and ready for bed right after sunset.

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