Day 35: Winslow to Point Defiance (Tacoma)

Slept in a bit but we have time before floating an incoming tide south to Tacoma. Time for chores. As a cruise comes to an end we like to leave our boat ready for the next. Change the sheets, towels, recycling and trash, wash dishes, cat box, clean, sort and pack clothes, vacuum, stow items we don’t need any longer, and finally fill the fresh water tank. Like home, it’s nice to step onto a clean and ready boat when we return.

The float home was familiar and uneventful though the weather started out grim, windy, and with disturbed water. By the time we slipped past Blake Island the seas settled and the sun began to melt the clouds away. Colvos Passage is so familiar and brings back memories of sailing growing up and the people we knew who used to live along the Vashon shoreline. Lots of changes but still very familiar, especially between Cove and Robinwood. Wonder what we would be doing had we stayed? Probably not this given the exceptional amount of work required to keep our home and property up.

Home at last. Is the car still there – yes. Will it start? It did. After completing our docking chores, most of which we completed underway, it was easy carrying and loading our take home gear including the cat. Surprising small load given our 5 week journey. Satisfying.

Within an hour we were home on our deck enjoying the warm weather that decided to roost in Puget Sound while we were north in British Columbia. Oh well, in the end the weather helped make an unforgettable experience and won’t deter us from returning – next summer.

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