The Boat

The RangerTug 31′ Sedan is a very practical boat for two people cruising in Puget Sound and the Salish Sea.  It is not comparable to heavier displacement or semi-displacement boats of similar character.   The R31S is light by design as a trailerable boat.  The advantages on the water include speed, manuoverability, and economy.  Fluid Motion manufactures trailerable pocket cruisers with clever and thoughtful designs that take full advantage of the space in these relatively small boats.   After living with this design for over two years we recommend the following modifications:

  • Memory foam and custom bedding from Yachtbedding.  It may seem pricey but when you spend 100+ nights a year on your boat a good night’s sleep is a welcome attribute.
  • Two additional solar panels (OEM Kyocera specs) for a total of 420 watts.  Combined with 6 – 100 amp AGM house batteries, we can easily sustain refrigeration for many days during the spring, summer, and fall lighting.   The solar charger will often change to the float setting by early to mid afternoon.  Batteries will last longer, too.
  • Heater outlet in forward head.   Forced hot air makes for a luxerious and dry shower all year long.
  • Portland Pudgy dinghy.  The most practical 8′ foot dinghy on the planet.  With sailing kit.
  • Torqueedo electric motor.  No gas.  12 volt charger and LiOn battery, charges quickly on solar and lasts hours trolling.  Easy to mount, dismount and store.
  • Cockpit surround by King Canvas allows for year around use of cockpit.  Sunny days in the winter make for a sun-warmed “outdoor space” that we often boost with electric heat when plugged in to shore power.  The surround also keeps the cockpit clean and dry.
  • USB wall outlet next to television in master stateroom.     For iPhone powered Netflix viewing.
  • Cloth covers for the skylights vents reduces sun bleach and heating the interior.
  • 100′ of anchor chain for 300′ of rode.  Much more secure at anchor.  Plenty of room in chain locker.
  • SideBar beverage system keeps the counters clean and happy hour easy.
  • Garmin 600 AIS tranciever for visibility to shipping and internet tracking.
  • Screen for backdoor.  Based on factory canvas template.
  • Pressure tank for fresh water system.  Reduces pump cycling for longer pump life and reduced consumption of amp hours.